LOOP & Building Amazing Diabetes Apps with Nate Racklyeft, Ep8


If you have 24 minutes, you are going to **want** to watch the Final Cut of Nate Racklyeft's full #DDATA16 presentation on LOOP & "Building Amazing Diabetes Apps."  The Final Cut includes all of his slides in HD (not available in the raw footage posted on Oct 27th).  

In 2014, Dana M. Lewis & Scott Leibrand gave a wonderful presentation at DDATA about their DIY Diabetes project and their upcoming nuptials that would coincide with closing the loop for the very first time.

In 2015, Chris Hannemann spoke on OpenAPS & the increased quality of life associated with closing the loop.

This year, we have had the wonderful opportunity to have two closed loop talks by Mark Wilson in June at DDATA from New Orleans and just a couple weeks ago we had the opportunity to hear Nate speak on OpenAPS, LOOP & Building Amazing Diabetes Apps.

We are **very** grateful for group members Amy Tenderich, Howard Look & Brandon Arbiter that have made the DDATA conferences a home for the #WeAreNotWaiting community (in fact it was the birthplace of the community in 2013).

You may not be ready to close the loop yet, but the 250,000+ hours of closed looping going on in the #OpenAPS community is providing greater insight into what is needed by our community in these types of systems and will make us all the more informed on what we will need from the systems coming down the road from the medical industry.

(Your laptop/desktop will provide your best viewing experience over a broadband connection.)