The Nightscout Foundation was formed in 2014 as a direct and natural off-shoot of the CGM in the Cloud movement.

The Nightscout Foundation exists to encourage and support the creation of open source technology projects that enhance the lives of people with Type 1 Diabetes and those who love them. This includes fundraising, advocacy, and direct software and hardware development.


Nightscout (aka CGM in the Cloud) was created by a group of parents who needed tools, not already available, to better manage the blood sugar of their T1 child/ren.  By identifying an existing technology provided by the Dexcom CGM, this group devised a way to make the glucose information available to them at a distance from their T1 child.  Thus was born “CGM in the Cloud” which enabled the parents to view their child’s glucose level while the child was at school, at daycare, playing sports, at a sleepover, or while traveling overseas.  The Nightscout project has given these parents – and their child with diabetes – freedom that they had never experienced before.  It is just one more step toward living life without diabetes.


The Foundation meets directly with members of the United States Government’s Food and Drug Administration,  JDRF, Diabetes Hands Foundation, Tidepool, and other internationally recognized organizations that support people with Type 1 Diabetes.  The Nightscout Foundation advocates for the expansion of existing technologies to make life better for people impacted by Type 1 Diabetes.


The Foundation raises funds to support existing and new open-source projects related to the T1 community, as well as offering Awards and Scholarships to members through the Visionary Awards and funding attendees to conferences such as Children with Diabetes Focus on Technology. The Nightscout Foundation is a recognized 501(c)3; donations are considered tax deductible. You can view a copy of the IRS Letter of Determination here. You should consult with your tax professional to understand how this applies to your circumstances.

To learn more about the people behind the Nightscout Foundation, visit our Leadership page.