Hackathon Logistics and Updates

This was sent via e-mail to all Hackathon registrants a little bit ago. We'll be closing registration on the 19th to give us time to finalize plans, and only about five slots are left. If you're interested, register TODAY! 

Hello! We are just under two weeks away from the Nightscout Foundation Hackathon, and I wanted to give you some updates and fill in some details.

  • The Autodesk Office is at One Market, directly across from the Ferry Building if you are local to San Francisco. The Embarcadero Station on BART is a very short walk and is much easier than trying to find a parking space. The Gallery is on the 2nd Floor. 
  • We are officially starting at 10AM. I work at Autodesk, and should be in the Gallery by around 945 if you get there a few minutes early.
  • We'll start with a quick hello and intro at 10:00, and hopefully by 10:30 be split into working groups around the topics you indicated were of interest:
    • Pebble Innovations and Core Discussions (Heiko Behrens from Pebble will be joining us, please be sure to take advantage of this time!)
    • Loop and OpenAPS Discussions (combined or separated? We'll figure that out.)
    • Nightscout CRM Updates (I believe Jason Calabrese was preparing the G release, may be out by this point.)
    • Data Aggregation or Research Database Collections
    • Possible Hosting or Infrastructure Discussions
  • We will have lunch around noon, and should be able to accommodate all of your requests. If my catering is completely unacceptable, there are dozens of restaurants in a five minute walk. 
  • Around 12:30, I'm hoping we'll be joined by Matt Berggren, Director of Autodesk Circuits, EAGLE, and TinkerCAD to discuss some of the Autodesk efforts in the DIY health space. In case you don't know, the Riley Link design was done in EAGLE.
  • Around 1:00 there is a guided tour of the Autodesk Gallery, please feel free to join if you'd like. 
  • At 5:00 Each working group will report out and perhaps showoff as they see fit
  • At 6:00 We do need to be on our way out. The Gallery has another group coming in at 8:00 and needs to transition.

We have been hoping for more interaction between the Nightscout community and manufacturers, and they are stepping up! I am excited to let let you all know that we will have representatives from Beta Bionics, Bigfoot Biomedical, Dario, Dexcom, Pebble and Tidepool joining us for at least some part of the day. We have a few more that we're still hoping will join us. Also, Axosoft has generously agreed to give each attendee a year-long subscription to GitKraken, their visual manager for Git. I've dabbled with it, and it definitely makes my synchronization efforts (as small as they are,) easier to keep up with. 

Finally, thanks to Pete Schwamb's incredible design efforts, the Foundation will be delivering each attendee a Riley Link to take home with you. We're hoping batteries will make it from China by the hack, but I'm very excited we could work with Pete to make this happen. Oh, and of course, we'll have some throwies in case you need more LED in your life!

This is the sort of event I dreamed of when we first started the Foundation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all every one of you has done for this incredible community, and I look forward to seeing you in San Francisco!

Warmest Regards,
James Wedding, P.E.