John Costik from the Mayo Clinic Transform 2015 Conference

Borrowing from Amy Cowen's Facebook Share. 

"What do you do when life changes?" "What do you do when someone you love needs you?" "I got impatient."

I don't know John Costik...but it was a WSJ article about John and his family that first pushed me to set up Nightscout last year, a solution that has dramatically changed our lives. John is a "legend" in the CGM in the Cloud Community, one of several. Seeing this video, hearing him tell his story, thinking about the profound reality of the "what do you do" question(s) and the answer(s) demonstrated by the work of John and dozens of others, underscores, again, the human side of the Nightscout story. It is a side of Nightscout that is always at the forefront of the movement. Even though this is a solution that is deeply rooted in technology, it is, at its core, a human solution.‪#‎wearenotwaiting‬ because these are our kids and loved ones. What do you do? You learn things you didn't know you needed to know... you learn them well enough to teach and explain to others... you start using your own range of skills to fill in gaps, tinker with the tools for your own needs, and push forward change -- but you never forget that the reason is not, in the end, the data or technology solely for the sake of data or technology. In the end, it is because of someone we each, personally, love. We code, document, diagram, chart, test, develop, track, and collaborate... because the solution makes a tangible difference for someone we love and in how we approach managing and living with Type 1 Diabetes. John's story in this video is told with emotion, with quiet, and with passion. This is the "history" of Nightscout (and pre-Nightscout). Things look different today... and yet they all stem from this core.