Y? Because We Like You.

Borrowing from Weston Nordgren's Facebook post to the CGM in the Cloud group!

And as the sun set this evening over the pacific ocean, I wanted to thank as many people as possible that had a direct impact on our ability to be here and share the Nightscout/CGM in the Cloud Project:

First to Jeff Hitchcock & Laura Billetdeaux and all those working each CWD conference for providing us with a venue from which to share our project.

The entire board of directors at the Nightscout Foundation for providing us the foundation we need from which we can share the project at conferences. James Wedding, Jason Calabrese, Laurie Schwartz, Jason Adams, Gail DeVore, John Costik & Ben West. 

Amy Cowen for her *incredible* attention to detail in the creation of InfoGraphics for Nightscout. 

To Kate Farnsworth, Robyn Curtis, Kyle Cross, Rachel Sandlain, Andrew Grant Wendy Youngson, Crystal Chrisman, Marybeth Helfrich, Melanie Clegg, Stephen Black, Greg Waehner & David Waghalter for providing the immediate & constant support that is required for this project to function and to roll out further to the new members from the conference.

Special guest speaker & race car driver Christopher Lewis & his wife Lacie Lewis.

To the wonderful Devs in our community that keep thinking about how to improve, upgrade, update, coordinate and integrate what we need for our daily battle with Type 1 diabetes (and what the industry has yet to realize we need). Thanks to Ben West, Jason Calabrese, Milos Kozak, Sulka Haro, John Costik, Stephen Black, Jesus Berian, Lorelai Lane, Adrien de Croy, Don Brown, Christine Deltrap, Jonathon Moore & Kate again, and the other 190 that have contributed to the development cause along the way. (And yes, we still miss Kevin Lee & Ross Naylor, but wish them the very best in their efforts to "close the loop" with Bigfoot Biomedical...in fact we miss Lane too!).

To all those that attended our presentations, workshops & exhibits to find out a little bit more about our large 14,000 member family and the catalyst behind it.

And last but not least, to ***ALL*** the Nightscout Widows & Widowers that support this project by loaning to us their loved ones for development, support, guidance & advocacy of the worldwide Nightscout project. We know that Type 1 diabetes does not exist in a vacuum and neither does the support that is necessary to work on this project.