This is IT...TODAY!

As I'm still trying to focus my eyes this groggy morning, I realize more than ever that today is our big day at #CWDFFL16.

We start off the day with building our booth and our first presentation at 10:45 AM EDT where Christine Deltrap, Kate Farnsworth & Lora Ridenour (all fierce Warrior Mothers) will be talking about "Tomorrow's Solutions Today." (We will hopefully be LiveCasting this event **IF** the Facebook servers & the local WiFi will cooperate.)

AT 1:30 PM EDT we will have our second presentation "A Day in the Loop" with OpenAPS builder/user Rachel Sandlain (a PWD university student from our CGM in the Cloud Tech Support Team) and James Wedding (President of the Nightscout Foundation). Ben West will be collaborating with Rachel & James this morning on this presentation (Ben unfortunately has a plane to catch to California prior to the actual presentation). We may also start this session with a special teen perspective on the #WeAreNotWaiting community & Open Source solutions.

At 3:15 PM EDT we will have a Setup Session that we have flown Kate Farnsworth out for so everyone here will be able to experience first hand the "Farnsworth Effect" (the rest of us will all be following her lead...we will be her minions during this session ; ) Kate Farnsworth & Amy Cowen have graciously accepted our request to lead the conference Setup Sessions at future conferences and we thank them for "Paying It Forward" in yet another way in our #WeAreNotWaiting community. Nightscout Faculty member Dan Miller & Nightscout Foundation board member Laurie Schwartz will also be on hand to share their expertise in setting up the solutions found in our community. (Not only is Laurie a Fierce Warrior Mother, but as our lead Admin in the CGM in the Cloud Facebook group, she plays that role for all of us in protecting the spirit and intent of this community.)

At 6:00 PM EDT we will be opening our booth at the conference and James Wedding has some pretty great swag for the attendees in addition to some swag that you make yourself right there at the booth. (Again, we will be trying to LiveStream all of this based on WiFi availability...may even have some roving reporters from the show floor with an interview or two.)

In addition, somewhere during the day will be an interview with a reporter from the BBC & the celebration of the 5,000th signature for the DPAC FDA project that we all have been working on (more info can be found at (WE ARE SO CLOSE to our group goal...just a little more than 200 signatures needed!)

SO JOIN US this morning at the "Canary-3" portion of the Palms Ballroom (now dubbed NIGHTSCOUT HQ) for a full day of all things #WeAreNotWaiting!


Past, Present, Future...To reach as many as possible!

Past, Present, Future...To reach as many as possible!