It's Not About the Car, It's About the Drive!

It was a hot and extremely humid day in New Orleans as we approached the historic district in downtown New Orleans, but we were about to enjoy one of the most refreshing presentations we had ever seen.  Mark Wilson was scheduled to give a presentation at D-Data Exchange 2016 on OpenAPS & DIY Diabetes, (and as an added bonus he would be presenting to every company in the industry that is currently "developing" an artificial pancreas).

D-Data Exchange is a semi-annual conference that brings together the #WeAreNotWaiting community and the leadership of the medical community focused on Type-1 Diabetes.  It's always interesting to see how this group (by invitation only and capped at 100 attendees) responds to each other during hot topic presentations where everyone has a stake.  As an added bonus, leadership from the FDA are always present and part of the presentations.  This mix of industry, government and hackers/makers is second to none and provides for one of the very best conferences twice a year.  Many thanks are due to Amy Tenderich (editor of DiabetesMine) for her huge efforts in this conference undertaking along with Howard Look (CEO of Tidepool) and co-founder of the #WeAreNotWaiting movement.

When the time finally arrived for Mark's presentation, he stood and delivered the best presentation that we had ever seen at a conference, and he received a standing ovation upon completing his presentation (this was a first for the D-Data Exchange conferences).  Clocking in at a little over 31 minutes, it is the best time you can spend learning about the Artificial Pancreas project called OpenAPS.  Last but not least, Mark spoke about why it is so important that the industry change their focus from "one size fits all" products to collaborative solutions with the Open Source community that are tailor made to the individual (because we all know Your Diabetes May Vary).

There is no way i can give his presentation justice through the written word, so click on the link above and watch Mark champion your needs as an individual with diabetes or as a caregiver for a loved one with diabetes.  THIS is the real deal, #WeAreNotWaiting.