Join Us NFHack 17.2 in San Francisco: Nov 17, 2017

On November 17th, the Nightscout Foundation Hack event is returning to the Autodesk Gallery from 9 AM to 5PM. It's an all day brainfest to explore Nightscout variations, uploaders, closed loops, new watch developments, data mining and more! We'll bring in lunch around noon and be sure to pick up a few pints that evening at a nearby location. 

Call it a hackathon, call it a meet-up, call it a conclave, call it whatever you like, but get there! The only competition is diabetes. We have a large room reserved in the Gallery, and after a quick hello in the morning, we plan to break in to working groups. Working groups and leads will be determined from the registration list, but in the past, we've talked:

  • Looping with LoopKit or OpenAPS
  • Developing new apps and faces for the latest Pebble Hardware
  • Look for ways to deliver Nightscout db data to researchers
  • Nightscout Updates and Habanero Release
  • Whatever strikes your fancy!

We hope you'll join us to flex your mental muscle and explore new ideas for open source solutions to T1 problems. You can follow along via #NFHack17.

Register Today!


To read more about the rules (as much as there are any,) visit this Terms and Conditions document.



The Autodesk Gallery

One Market

Second Floor

San Francisco, CA


Want to help out? Sponsor part of the event? Pick up the bar tab that night? Send your engineers to discuss open source options for your devices? Drop an e-mail to James. Thanks!